Tater Mound Minis L.L.C.

We are a small mobile animal experience. We bring our party animals to your event and you and your guest get experience animals in a unique and safe way.

Our Story

I have always had a love for animals and desire to help others. I have always been involved in children’s activities and nursing homes working In the children’s entertainment field for 20 plus years. Whether face painting, balloons, magic, etc, we would always see someone with a petting zoo (my envy).

In 2016 we bought our little farm, and with the love of animals our mini adventure started.

In 2017 we got 2 adorable pot belly pigs Bacon and Bits.

In March of 2018 we got out first miniature donkey, Sassy-Ass ( she is my heart and soul). We got her a friend Lucy, a mini horse, in May we got Little Ricky a beautiful mini horse.

In April 2019 our first baby was born on the farm, Violet a black mini horse with a star like her mother. Our mini adventure grew quickly with Silkie chickens, peacocks, goats, ducks, bunnies and more.

In 2020 I started training with Little Ricky for him to be a therapy horse. I took him out and the love of sharing my animals grew. The reality of our own mini petting zoo was now a real possibility.

In August 2022 we decided to move forward and Tater Mound Minis LLC was born. There is a small area called Potato mound between Paragon and Martinsville IN. We are located next to it and that is where the name Tater Mound Minis came from.

In 2023 we got our USDA license which is an amazing thing. We are held to a higher standard than just anyone with animals bring them out who had not gone through the inspections and process of obtaining the USDA License. We also added our Beautiful mini horse we named Cashmere, she is also our magical unicorn. We have had to change things around some. We still want to offer our amazing animals to you as an addition to your events. We needed to do it on a small scale. You still get to experience our animals.

What sets us apart

Our helpers are friendly, and knowledgeable of the animals and are considered to be an extended part of our family. Our animals are our pets, they are loved, well groomed, and treated like I would want to be treated if I were one of them.